• Hello!

    Easter is a very important holiday in the United States!

    It is a celebration of spring and the rebirth of nature.

    After a long winter, Easter is when we see flowers grow and hear birds sing.

    Easter is also a religious celebration, and many people go to church to pray and be with their families.

    Families sometimes decorate their homes with painted eggs.

    Another tradition in the United States is the Easter egg hunt!

    Children believe that the Easter Bunny comes early in the morning to hide eggs all around, and these eggs are filled with candy! Then, the children have to hunt for all the eggs!

    Eggs and baby animals are symbols for Easter because they represent new life and the start of spring.

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  • April Fool's Day!


    In the United States, April 1st is April Fool's Day! We make jokes (blagues), and play tricks on (on dupe / on berne) our friends all day long!

    We don't make paper fish, though - that's a French tradition.

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  • Presidents' Day in the United States is an interesting holiday.

    It is celebrated on the 3rd Monday in February, and is generally used as a time to remember and be thankful for all of our past Presidents, especially the first ones.


    George Washington

    Abraham Lincoln



    George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are usually honored more than others because of the great work they did building the United States of America. Sometimes, the holiday is even called "George Washington's Birthday"!



    Is there anyone in French and Martinican history who you think deserves their own holiday?

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  • Hi guys!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


    Happy Valentine's Day!


    Valentine's Day happens every February the 14th. During this holiday, we celebrate love! In the United States, we like to send cards, flowers, and chocolates to the people we care about!

    Happy Valentine's Day!




    Sometimes these people are just our friends, and sometimes they're the most important people to us in the world. The idea is that we show how much we appreciate them.


    Happy Valentine's Day!


    Students in the USA usually make cards for their classmates, and sometimes they even bring chocolate to school to share with their friends and teachers.



    So if there's someone you like, be sure to tell them on February 14th: Valentine's Day!


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