• Halloween!


    Hello again!

    Welcome back from vacation - I hope you all had fun!

    As some of you know, we just had a holiday! Here in Martinique, we celebrated la fête de Toussaint. You might have visited a cemetery to light candles at the graves of your ancestors. In the United States, though, we celebrated a different holiday.

    On the 31st of October, children (who have the same ages as you) celebrated Halloween! The idea of Halloween is that the last night of October is the night when spooky things happen; witches have the most power, ghosts come into our world, people turn into werewolves, and zombies rise! So, to escape all these scary monsters, kids like you dress up in costumes to trick them (on se deguise comme des monstres pour echapper les vrais!)! These days, though, you don't have to dress up like a monster - you can dress up like whatever you want! Superheros and princesses are very popular.

    Once they have a costume, the kids go Trick-or-Treating. This means that they walk around their town and visit their neighbors' houses (ils vont chez tous leurs voisins) to ask for candy!

    We also make Jack-o-Lanterns, which are pumpkins with faces carved on them (des citrouilles sculptées avec des visages). You put these around your house to scare the monsters!

    Halloween is a very fun holiday, and it is starting to spread all over the world! Even in France, kids are beginning to celebrate like we do in the USA and England.

    If you want to know more about Halloween and how we celebrate in the USA, find me at school or send me a message! Until next time, keep practicing your English!

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    Jeudi 7 Novembre 2013 à 20:55

    Hi Spenser,

    Your website is very interesting! We really need to know about cultural facts in your country!

    On our side, we can help you with the French translation if you need so!

    La salsera!





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