• Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!


    Happy New Year! Bonne Année et Meilleurs Voeux!

    I hope you had a nice vacation and a merry Christmas! Welcome back!

    It's good to be back in Martinique right now - the United States are very cold! In some states, the temperature is -30° Celcius! In Martinique it's around 28° C. That's a big difference!

    There's lots to do when it's cold out, though. Especially if there's snow!

    Snow Games

    Happy New Year!

     You can make snowmen,

    Happy New Year!



    You can make snow angels,

    Happy New Year! 


    You can build snow forts,



    Happy New Year! 

    Or have snowball fights,




    But my favorite thing to do in the snow is to go sledding

    Happy New Year!

    What would you want to do in the snow?

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