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    Bel bonjou manmay Trinité

    My name is Spenser! I come from Connecticut, in the United States. I am twenty-two (22) years old, and my birthday is January 9th. My hometown in Connecticut is called Cheshire. I like to read and watch movies. My favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction! I like superheros as well, so ask me about Marvel, The Avengers, or Spiderman. I also love soccer (le football), and I can't wait to watch the World Cup in the summer of 2014!

    In Cheshire, I live with my parents and my dog. My parents' names are Chad and Ursula, and my dog's name is Cosby. I also have a brother named Ross - he lives in Boston! Cheshire is very different from Trinité! During the winter (late November to early April), it is very cold at my home, and it snows a lot! We have to wear coats, boots, and warm hats every day! 

    If you want to continue to hear about the United States and my home, keep reading this blog, or ask me questions if you see me at your school! Be sure to check out the links (les liens) as well - they are on the left!

    See you soon!

    The Trinité Assistant



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    Vendredi 20 Décembre 2013 à 00:56

    Really interesting. We learn a lot reading information about the culture of your country.

    Can you tell us how people celebrate Christmas? Can you think about funny facts, we love them! la salsera

    Dimanche 19 Janvier 2014 à 01:02
    Tro top!!
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